Semana Santa

Eleven weeks down, four to go! We are on our spring break right now because it is Semana Santa. I am doing a little tour of Italy for ten days. We started in Rome and spent two days there. The first day, we saw the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and just wandered around the city. Of course, we got some really good gelato and some pasta. My favorite part of the day was the Trevi Fountain at night. It was more peaceful because there were not as many people. The second day, we went to the Vatican City, where we spend a good 7 hours. We went to the museum part first and saw the Sistine Chapel. I loved all the ceilings in the museum and chapel! After a couple hours there, we went over the St. Peter's Square and went into St. Peter's Basilica. I thought that was so beautiful! There was so much art, and it was nice to just wander around. We went up the tower too, and we could see the city, and it was definitely worth it. We were so exhausted after that, so we just headed back to our hotel.

Our next stop was Florence! We got pizza by the Duomo, which was one of my favorite parts, and headed over to see David. David was amazing! He was so detailed and big. I was not expecting myself to like it that much! We spent most of the day then just walking around the city, and we made our way up to Michelangelo Hill to watch the sunset. Florence is so beautiful, and I really enjoyed our first day! Our second day in Florence, we did a wine tour in Tuscany. We went to a couple wineries closer to Siena. At both of the wineries, we got a lot of samples of wine, some olive oil, and little snacks. At the first spot, we also got to try truffle oil and balsamic. Everything was so good! I loved the scenery in Tuscany. It was everything I was expecting.

My next stop was a solo trip to Pisa! I was just there for a couple hours, but I saw the tower and hung out in the grassy area next to it and people watched. It was a great day spent in Pisa! We are in Cinque Terre now, and then we head to Venice for our last stop!


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