First Week in Seville

After a long winter break of working and preparing for my study abroad travels, I finally made it to Sevilla! The trip started off a bit stressful with my first flight getting canceled, due to the awful Wisconsin weather, but we figured out an alternative route and my mom ended up driving me down to the Milwaukee airport to fly out. I spent about 24 hours traveling, but overall it was an easy trip. When I finally arrived in Sevilla, Jenna and I took a taxi to our host family's apartment. It's so crazy how the streets are so narrow, but Sevilla is such a beautiful city! Our taxi driver dropped us off right outside our place and our host brother came out to meet us. The apartment is very close to many restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops, but it is in a quieter area. I especially love the view outside of our window! There is a little courtyard with plants and views of other apartments.

Jenna and I settled into our room, ate lunch with our family, and set out to see SAIIE for the first time. Sevilla saw it's first rain in 50 days, so we ended up doing our first walking tour in the rain, but we still got a taste of what the city was like. By the end of the night we were super tired and went to bed early to recover from all of our traveling.

The next day, we had our orientation at SAIIE. Our group bonded really well, and we ended up taking   a walk to la Plaza de Espana. It is beautiful!!! Later in the day, we went to a flamenco show. I loved all the music and the dancing. The next day, our group went to our orientation at the Universidad de Sevilla. I love the walk from SAIIE to the Universidad de Sevilla because there are so many historic monuments along the way. Throughout the next couple of days, the group and I have been exploring Sevilla and bonding.

Overall, I love Sevilla so far and all of the culture. My host family is super friendly, and they are very accommodating to Jenna and me. The group has bonded really well so far, and we really enjoy hanging out with each other and meeting to do different activities. Spanish has been difficult to use, but I can already tell my speaking and listening skills are improving throughout these past couple of days I have been here. I am excited to start my classes tomorrow and spend the next three months in Sevilla!


  1. Thanks for the update! Glad you are acclimating so well:)


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