First Week!!

One week down, 15 to go! Time has flown by already. This semester I am taking 3rd Year Spanish Composition & Conversation and Artistic Monuments in Sevilla at SAIIE. Also in the afternoons, I have classes at la Universidad de Sevilla, a beautiful university located in the heart of the city. Here, I take Literatura & Cocina and Fonetica correctiva y conversacion. Even though my classes are challenging, the professors offer different perspectives, and I'm excited to learn more Spanish this semester.  

3rd Year Spanish Composition & Conversation is a Spanish grammar class. The professor teaches the grammar differently than any other past schooling I've had. Because of this, my language skills are being reinforced, and my knowledge of Spanish is expanding already. Also, I can ask questions about the concepts I'm confused about in my homestay. Artistic Monuments in Sevilla is a fun class because we learn about the past, present, and future of Sevilla in the classroom, and we also get to go out and explore all the different monuments in the city. 

At la Universidad de Sevilla, I start with Literatura & Cocina. Throughout the semester, we are going to learn about the symbolism of food in literature and also do some cooking. My professor is hilarious, and I'm super excited to get into more material in this class. I was dreading taking Fonetica correctiva y conversacion (I've heard it's super difficult!) but my professor is relaxed, and he makes us apply what we are learning by talking in class. 

Outside of the classroom, I have been exploring Sevilla. I've shopped on Calle Sierpes a lot, but I also enjoy going by the river and exploring some of the older monuments. For example, I took a run down to La Muralla de La Macarena (the Walls of Sevilla) and walked around the area. It was beautiful! As a group, we got our first ice cream at La Abuela and took a walk to the river to watch the beautiful sunset. 

Overall, I love Sevilla so far, and I'm so excited for the next 15 weeks!


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