Third Week!

Three weeks down, 13 to go! This past week has been super busy. I traveled to Barcelona last weekend with two other girls from SAIIE, and we met four others there. On Friday, we walked up to Park Guell and saw a beautiful view of the city, along with Gaudi's mosaics. I loved this park because there was so much to do and it was all gorgeous. After this, we headed down to the harbor area for dinner and to watch the sunset. To continue our sightseeing on Saturday, we started at Las Ramblas and went into La Boqueria. This market was huge, and there were so many different kinds of foods. After this, we walked through the Gothic Quarter to get to the harbor for a boat tour. I loved the view of the city from the water. My favorite part of the day was definitely La Sagrada Familia. It is so colorful and so intricate. We ended our trip with watching the sunset at Ayre Hotel rooftop bar, where we could see La Sagrada Familia also. I loved Barcelona, and I am so excited to go back in March!

When we got back to Sevilla, the marathon was going on so it was a busy day. I met some friends at La Cacharreria for lunch, and it was one of the best meals I've had since I've been in Sevilla. We spent the rest of the day by the river, which is our normal meeting spot.

The weather this week has been amazing, so I have been spending a lot outside. I love to sit by the river because there are always so many people and kayakers. This week we also tried Pura Vida Terraza for the first time. It had an amazing view of La Giralda, and I loved the environment of the bar. It is beach themed, and there is a pool too. It was an awesome night with friends with a great view.

On the academic side, my classes have been going well. In my literature and cooking class this week, we got to cook spinach and garbanzo beans, soufflé, and coconut cookies. It was a really fun class! I think my Spanish has definitely improved since I've been here, especially in the past week, and I'm not as scared to talk to strangers. I am starting to comprehend everything I am hearing and being able to have easy responses in conversation.

I am still loving Sevilla, and I am excited for the next 13 weeks!


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