Fifth Week!

Five weeks down, eleven to go! It’s crazy to think we’ve already been in school for a month and only have two months left! After I finished my time in Santorini last weekend, I spent the day in Athens before I had to leave. It was such an amazing experience! The Greek God temples were so cool and it was a beautiful city! I loved that I could see the Acropolis from almost every part of the city, and I went up there on Sunday (it was free!). There was a great view of the city and also the Parthenon and other temples were beautiful. It was hard to get back to reality after this amazing trip.
 It has been a little cold and rainy in Sevilla this week but I have kept busy. On Tuesday, I went to Lora Tamayo to volunteer for their after-school program. I started in a classroom where the students were learning English, and then went to their sports program where the kids played a bunch of different games. Also, on Wednesday I went to Colegio San Jose to volunteer for their English program. I was in a room with five-year olds and helped them practice English and assist with activities. I had amazing experiences at both of these schools and I can’t wait to go back!

On Friday, we took a day trip to Córdoba. We went on a tour of the Mezquita first. It was beautiful! My favorite part was all of the arches. After that, we went on a tour of the city and got tapas at a restaurant. We got friend eggplant with honey and it was so good! It was a fun day trip and Córdoba is beautiful!


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