Sixth Week

6 weeks down, ten to go! Time has been flying by. I only have one more full weekend in Sevilla. Last weekend, I stayed in Sevilla and a neighbor from back home came here from Barcelona.  I did some of the touristy things again, like the Plaza de EspaƱa, but I also saw some new things. We went up the Torre del Oro and also saw the Plaza de Toros. One thing I have definitely noticed about Sevilla recently is that it is a very relaxed city. There isn't a ton of museums and sites, but it is more just about sitting by the river, parks, plazas, or bars and taking in the culture. I really love that about this city.

The weather has been especially great this week. It has been about 75 to 80 degrees. When it is this warm, I like to sit by the river and hang out with friends. Also, I have continued to volunteer at Colegio San Jose in Los Remedios. The students are all 5 years old, and they are so cute! They all get excited when I show up, and they want to tell me stories and talk in English. It has been a great experience so far!

This week I have tried to explore new areas of Sevilla while I have breaks in-between classes. I take new routes, and I have seen a lot of really cute houses and plazas. During Artistic Monuments this week, we went to the Indian Archives and also el Hospital de la Caridad. They were both really beautiful buildings and I loved the artwork.

Today I head out to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day weekend and to meet a friend from UW-La Crosse. I am so excited!


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