Eighth Week

Eight weeks down, eight to go! Last week was a pretty relaxed week, but over the weekend, we took a girls trip to Prague. I had exams in my classes at SAIIE on Monday and Tuesday, but they were not too difficult. I'm so happy to have my second round of exams over with at SAIIE, and now we only have finals left. In my cooking class at the Universidad de Sevilla, I learned how to cook gazpacho, tortilla de patatas, and torrijas. It was really interesting to learn how to cook some traditional Spanish dishes. Also, I am still volunteering at the colegio again on Monday and Wednesday. I love all the kids there, and I really enjoy going there.

There were seven girls, including me, that went on a weekend trip to Prague! We left on Thursday night and took a train to Malaga. We ended up staying in a hotel, a spontaneous decision, and left for Prague in the morning. When we got to Prague, we went to a restaurant right away to try some traditional Czech food. I got goulash and fried cheese, and they were both really good! After lunch, we walked around for a while and saw Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, and the John Lennon Wall. Prague is such a beautiful city and it is so fun to just walk around and look at all the buildings! We ended up watching the sunset from a tower on the Charles Bridge, which was one of my favorite parts of the day! We ended the night at a fun Irish pub for dinner. Also, I tried a chimney cake with strawberries, vanilla cream, and whipped cream, and it was delicious!

On Saturday, we made our way to the Prague Castle. We made a lot of stops along the way to do some shopping. The bridge was especially fun because there were a lot of music performers and art stands. Once we got to the Castle, we walked around and paid to get into the Golden Lane. After this, we made our way back down to the John Lennon Wall and also did a boat tour. It was a great weekend in Prague--one of my favorite weekend trips yet!

Something hit us and most of us that went on the trip have a stomach bug, so it has been a lazy Monday. This weekend is our trip to Morocco, and I am so excited to get to another continent!


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